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The stuff I'm working on now

Kind of a mini update on the things I'm working on, just because I'm in a typing mood.

In January I started a challenge that led to me making a blog. The blog has led to my new job as a food writer allowing me to drop my other writer position and its nasty contract conditions. The pay remains unfabu but I am much happier. MUCH happier. I lurve food.

So basically what I work on is not only improving my health but also food. Oh my yes food. I spend so much of my day in the kitchen...and love it. Our two schnauzers love it too...hehe they get snacks and tasters too. Brad loves it because he gets to be my taste tester...he helps determine if it's hobbit worthy. I've always loved cooking but now I'm getting that extra bit of joy from it by expressing and sharing. I don't get to entertain much here at the house so instead writing for the blog makes it sort of like entertaining for whoever stops by. Too bad they have to cook it themselves. hehe.

The blog that I work on so much is called Hungry Hobbit http://thehungryhobbit.wordpress.com/ check it out! I love it. Funny thing is sometimes the recipes for my paying job actually appear on Hungry Hobbit first. Have to pay homage to what helped get me the job in the first place I think. I have Hungry Hobbit updating on facebook and twitter. Give me a thumbs up sometime and get me all squeeing. You know you want to hehe.

Aside from food I've taking up spinning thanks to the encouragement of a couple of friends of mine. I love dying and spinning yarn so much that I have found myself with more than I can do stuff with. Hehe. One lady at the local guild said that most folks either spin to use or spin to produce. Guess I know which one I am! I can never get my hands on enough to spin...as the yarn starts to pile up. I have an etsy shop for some of the yarn. I only sell the stuff I dye. I feel that the stuff I buy already dyed stays with me, it would be wrong to sell someone else's art. I know its silly of me but thats the way it is. My art only. Who knows if I even priced stuff appropriately, no idea about yarn prices. Still it's fun. My etsy shop is called tales in yarn if you want to peek at some of my creations. They have been fun to make!

Thats the big stuff really, in between that it's exercise, playing with puppies, getting ready for "paws for a cause", the larp we joined (I'm an orc), the dresden files campaign we play (I play a gay man who is a white court virgin...he is fun.), LOTRO, waiting for bellydance to start, making puppy treats and helping Brad write his Mage campaign which I can't wait to play. Funtimes and that is the stuff I'm working on now!

I'll watch it...

I'm curious to see how this is going to go. I'll definitely have to watch it. I'm sure there will be the negative side of it but it seems like they might go into the positive too...which would be refreshing.

Can't help but remember this seaquest episode where they came across this society that had almost rendered themselves extinct because of a game...heh....maybe it wasn't so far off in some cases. Hehe granted I doubt anyone knows what I'm talking about, I might of been one of the few people willing to admit I watched the show...I watched it for the guy with the dolphin...he was cute and smart...mmmm....too bad about the actor that played that character. *sigh*

I digress. Back to the point. Documentary...cool.

birthdays are funny

So we had to cancel our plans out tonight because thew snow out there is getting a bit..well...snowy.
So we went off to Rodgers to discover that it is closing down. So I spent a ton on clearance movies. hehe.
Then we went to Blockbuster and opened an account. Got some movies and snackies and now I'm just waiting for Brad to finish setting up my b-day present. He got me an electric piano with all kinds of bells and whistles and recording stuff...and ofcourse a pair of headphones for blocking out the world. Mmmmm. So exciting.
It was when we were walking out of Blockbuster being blasted by the snow and cold that I realized something amusing about this birthday.
It was 30 years ago today that this girl was brought into the world when mom was snowed in at the hospital (for a week...hehe, she had been in for an appt and couldn't get home cause the snow was so bad). She had originally intended to cal her girl Anne or some other such name but instead inspired by the snow storm called her Audrone...Audra for short. So here I am, on my 30th birthday greeted by a bit of a snowing...guess someone out there wanted to remind me who is boss and who belongs to who eh?
Snow on woman, snow on.


WTF Heath Ledger?!?!
The conversation kinda as follows.
Brad: Hey, it says here Heath Ledger found dead.
Me from the other room: Excuse me WHAT?!?!
Brad: It's right here.
Me: You are kidding right? Like this is some kind of sick twisted publicity stunt, he'll turn up alive and it will be like haha, I'm the joker bitches.
Brad: uhhh no.
Me: Well fuck. I liked him. Kinda cute in a soul eater gay cowboy overblown lover fake knight teenager kinda way. You sure?
Brad: uhhh yeah.
Me: Damn.

Well that just blows. *sigh* I think I need to go watch a movie and pout now.

Just musing over warcraft

I have this thing that I love to do. When I play a priest I tend to dress them as slutty as I possibly can. Don't know quite what it is, priest=slutty...and I take great care in it. I try to pick gear that is functional too but has to be slutty. Oh my yes. Brad has heard me more than one in the middle of battle talking sassy to my slutty priest too. Hehe, I pick on them. I'm proudest of my latest creation though, she has just hit 60 (the level cap is 70 right now for those not in the know) and somehow I can't help but think...mission accomplished. Sassy little minx isn't she? I love the colour of this outfit.

Phedre at 60



So not only have I written my articles I need to finish before tomorrow but...

tee hee.

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50,000 words of novel in a month titled 5 Rosad Lane. boo ya. A day early no less. I have no idea how that happened considering I was so behind for awhile.

It was originally intended to be fantasy but somewhere along the lines it turned into horror. Brad says I'm obviously somehow dark inside, this is why fantasy failed with me. lol Sure.
Upon excitedly proclaiming to Brad that I was done he asks.
"So what are you going to do now?"
"No, expensive."
"oh yeeeaaah." Much cheering.


I think Ferdinand moved out. His home was destroyed during all that rain and I don't see him anywhere. Hmmm.

In other news I was able to triumphantly walk into the library today and pick up the new Harry Potter that was being held for me. Oh yeah, the day it came out baby. Hehehe. No better Potter than free Potter, and timely free Potter no less! Too bad I can't really start reading it until Monday. Hmmm, I'll have to see if I can eek some in before monday. No way I'll be able to ignore the temptation sitting on my table for too long.
Pfft, and Brad was telling me to just buy it. Silly boy, why would I do that when I know how to play the library so well? Hee!

The Managerie Grows...

So I'm peeking at Ferdinand through the screen door today and I hear a rustle beneath me. I look down, lo and behold there is a mouse on my balcony. A cute little grey mouse. I think I'd better email Brad about all this before he comes home to a zoo having taken over the balcony. Mihoshi has been glued to the screen door ever since I informed him of the mouse.
How did a mouse get up here?
Maybe he is Ferdinand's intended prey?
The plot thickens.
His name is Archimedes. I always wanted a mouse named Archimedes.
I really should get more sleep.

strange not so little spider

Oh yeah, I'm going to follow a bug post with another bug post.
It just isn't a time without Brad if some spider or bug hasn't terrorized me in some fashion I think.
This one surprisingly not so much. It has just weirded me out and made it so I'm afraid to water the plants on my balcony. Thank goodness it's raining this weekend (well, not so much good for my pride parade watching plans). This guy is a ground spider. You know the type that build these web nests with a hole in them and wait for some bug to come wandering by and grab it. He has built it in the space between the rail and one of my planters. I've been peeking at him through the window (a sheet of glass and a few feet of distance is good peeking space). I'm puzzled...why is he here on the 3rd floor and why has he decided this is a great place to catch crawling bugs?
He freaks me out that strange ground spider on the third floor.
His name is Ferdinand.
I need more sleep.
Alright. So I'm sitting in the bedroom, enjoying a bit of air conditioning, going through paperwork...minding my own friggin business when a huge bug walking across my dresser grabs my attention.
I have bravely, after much swearing and "what the hell do I doooo? Oh crap it moved."ing, disposed of it. It took a nice flight off my balcony (with my assistance...yes...I chucked it. I'm bad.) and I have done the dance of the bug is away ick.
Now to know what the hell that thing was and how much I should freak out if there be others.
I have been looking for the past bit through identification keys but can't figure it out and now have the creepy crawlies. I need to calm my nerves and ask for help. I don't want to call my cousin he will just tease me (freaking entomologists and their bug humour).
I didn't take a picture ofcourse... I was too busy squigging out than thinking practically.
It was large I'd say easily over an inch...probably close to two inches.
It was black. No markings.
Had 6 legs. They were jointed.
One set of antenna, very long. Very long, longer than it's body I'd say.
It had pincers.
Long body.
Didn't notice any wings. It did not try to fly.
Now to shudder and try to forget for a bit. I hope that thing was harmless...and not like the thing from Masters of Horror...oh my.

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